Field Locations

All Eastside teams share their Home fields at Mic Mac Park in Windsor (3939 Camichael, Windsor ON  N1J 2K9).

Teams travel throughout the summer months to various locations in Ontario to play their competition when competing in WOYSL (L3) and OYSL (L1). 

Our Fall and Spring Sessions are held in Mighigan where Eastside Kickers share their Home and Away fields with Clubs in the U.S., driving distances vary but most fields are no more than 35 minutes from the Ambassador Bridge.

Tournaments in the US are common during the off season as well.  For more information about our Field Locations, click HERE

Club Events

April 2014
Novelletto Rosati Complex, 3939 Carmichael, Windso(map)
The 97A team is donating time to hold a mixed fun tournament for the 2001, 2000 and 1999 teams at the Novelletto 


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Field Locations

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Corporate Sponsor

The Eastside Kickers Soccer Club is currently looking for corporate sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please Contact Tim Bezaire

Tim Bezaire

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